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Mayfair Volume 21

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Maxine Dunn, 22 years old from Glasgow and the runner up in the Miss Scotland competition 1984. If she was second I'd love to see who was first! Megan Hughes. You might not know her name but you'd know her tits anywhere. And on the cover is Diane Fullerton. For the cartoon freaks (like me) there's a great upskirt of her in white panties from the back and her pal in blue knickers and bra.
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Cover photo is Coral Hempstead: Photographer Donald Milne.

There's a terrific photo shoot of Denise Marsh in this issue of Mayfair shot by Don Milne. Denise was the winner of the Miss Sunday People competition.

In this shoot Denise is wearing a black and white striped knitted stretch mini dress, black stockings and black heels. Her black panties are sheer at the back so when she's bent over for the bottom shot you can see right through them. This type of shot appeared in most Mayfair sets as the editor Ken Bound loved it.

Julie Evans was the girl from the Late Late Breakfast Show and former girlfriend of Terry Duckworth from Coronation St.

The Carrie cartoon sees Carrie losing her budgie, then trying to climb a tree to rescue it and of course falling out of the tree and losing all her clothes on the way down.

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Linzi Mansell.
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Michelle Gordon in a classic John Allum pose bent over with a full bush and see through white panties, looking right at you through the camera. Susan Atkinson is the cover girl and centre spread. Kathy Turner, a future cover girl bends over in a thong and its impossible for that micro piece of material to cover that full bush. Carrie tries dressing a shop window and ends up getting undressed.
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Karen Thornton, Tracy Neve.
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Ann Marie Eggleston.
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Mayfair Vol 21 No 07

Chrissy Lyons

Mayfair Vol 21 No 07
Chrissy Lyons.
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Trinity Loren.
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Photographer Ed Alexander scoops the cover on this months issue of Mayfair magazine with Siggi Miksa who by birthright is a princess in her home country of Latvia. It's not exactly a Lady Di moment but she's got stockings on and no knickers so use that as a starting point. There's a great article on Alfa Romeo show boating some of their greatest models including the Montreal, which believe it or not first appeared at the Geneva motor show in 1970. Blonde, Shelia Hall, who has no photographer credit has the heaviest pair of 40 inch tits you're likely to see. They're absolutely rock solid but hang down to a perfect shape. Steve Kingston the Carrie artist this month puts her in a jungle setting and if I could draw like him I'd never leave the house.
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Karen Britton.
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Pauline Hickey, Sara Benachour.
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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products)