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Mayfair Volume 25

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Mayfair Vol 25 No 01

Janine Ashton

Mayfair Vol 25 No 01
I'll tell you what! Valerie Dwyer who appears on page 78 of this months Mayfair mag is an absolute ringer for Vida Garman. The blurb for Valerie doesn't give us a photographer credit, however it does tell us that this is Val's first ever modelling session.
Your covergirl and centrefold is Janine Ashton who strips out of a white lace basque with matching knickers and stockings.
A leather clad Rachel Garley gets fully nude and raunchy showing us that she's willing to show more than allowed when photographed as a Page Three girl.
The issue opens with Pauline Archibald who proves that black lingerie with black stockings and suspenders will never go out of fashion.
When you've finished with the girls there's an excellent article on the Harrier jump jet and the part it played in the Falklands War.
Right! On to February.
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Coral Eastham is the cover girl for this issue of Mayfair. Her real name is Antonia Balint and she was Miss Hungary in 1991. She is inside the mag photographed by Paolo Tallarigo. Coral also appeared in Mayfair Volume 24 Number 4 under the name of Charlotte Edwards.
The centrefold for this issue is Julie Hart and at the back of the mag to satisfy the big tit man is Suzanne Brecht with no credit to the photographer but my guess would be John Graham.
Trivia Alert!!!
The car section for this month is the Renault GTA and I may well be mistaken but I think that Nick Gorgol the resident 'tog' from Escort owned one of these around this time period. He'll email me if I'm wrong.
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Kathy Lloyd is the cover girl for the March issue but doesn't appear inside. However to compensate you get Annabel Stewart who's an absolute darling. I skipped to her set which is on page 23 and to be honest I was a bit disappointed as some of the pictures are quite dark so Annabel blends into the background.
But! If you want to see an absolutely STORMIN pic of Annabel then look at page 3 and there on the contents page is a stunning shot of Anna bent over looking toward the camera with her skirt framing that lush bum.
The centre pages this month belong to newcomer Nina Downe and by the style of the shoot you can easily guess that Roy Stuart took the shots.
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Its April and you'd have to be a fool not to buy this issue of Mayfair with Lena Gallagher on the cover and photos inside by Basil Crawford Smith.
The covers main strap line is 'The Girl Next Door Makes Centre Pages' and the girl in question is Lisa Thorpe, plucked from obscurity by the legendary Joanie Allum.
There's also a fabulous set of Carolyn Barker who has a terrific pair of big natural tits for you to feast your eyes on. Shot by Don Milne, Carolyn strips from a red dress to reveal white lace lingerie and a perfectly presented cleavage.
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Mayfair Vol 25 No 05

Nadine Barnbrook

Mayfair Vol 25 No 05
This issue of Mayfair is highly sought after. Not as you would imagine because of Sarah Hollett the star of Page 3 but due to Solange Hop making an appearance.
It makes no difference that you can find Solange in much harder shots in the likes of Color Climax. Fans of this Vietnamese doll will buy every and all items to make sure they don't miss a pic.
If you're a Solange fan then it may assist your internet searching to know that she also went under the name of Solange Lecarrio.
Busty beauty Lisa Remzi has a set, stripping out of a red stretch knitted dress.
You also get Carrie Ann Fisher and Bernadette Barker with Nadine Barnbrook taking the centrefold.
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Mayfair Vol 25 No 06

Karen Brennan

Mayfair Vol 25 No 06
You know back in the day when you could pick this magazine off the shelf brand new from your local paper shop, you may well have tucked it in between a copy of the Sun to hide your purchase. And back then when you got home before reading the mag you may well have had a quick peek at page 3 to see which beauty was displaying her charms.
The chances are it could have been this months covergirl Karen Brennan and she's inside this issue but there's no front bottom.
Your centre pages for the month are adorned by Claire Robertson and if you look to your left on this page you'll see her name. If you click on her name then that will bring up every magazine that we have in stock of Claire at the present time. Good eh?
Now I know I did this a couple of months ago but you've got to read the motoring section because this time its on 3 Wheelers; the Bubble Car etc.
When I was a lad living on Blackburn Road in Bolton the guy 2 doors up from us called Roy repaired these type of cars and he specialised in the make - Bond. They're in this issue!
However, putting Bond to the side for the moment, there's also some great pix of the Isetta, which Mayfair informs me was made by BMW (can you believe that); Messerschmitts which are the 'bee's knees' of Bubble Cars and the Bond Bug which of course the photo depicts in bright orange paintwork.
I should overlay Simon Bates doing 'Our Tune' as you read this. Memory lane; get in.
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Mayfair Vol 25 No 07

Helen Simpson

Mayfair Vol 25 No 07
Your cover girl for the month of July is Heather Waltham photographed by glamour model Nikki Downey. Now before you hit the email button Heather is of course better known as Helen Simpson so I'm guessing that this shoot must have been one of her first.
The cover screams Nude Exclusive so again this may well be a first photo set of Ali Sky, who Mayfair named Alison Nicholson.
I notice that the photo set is by my good friend Joanie Allum so I'll ask her if she was the first to shoot Ali. Oh! The reason why Ali is appearing in this issue is that she'd just got a job as the live in house keeper for the well known UK chef and tv personality Keith Floyd (RIP).
I was never lucky enough to taste any of Keith's food but if it tasted anything like Ali Sky looks like then he should have had 4 Michelin Stars. On a serious note if you never watched any of Keith Floyd's tv shows then get on catch up or YouTube because this is one cooking programme that broke the mould. Well in fairness Keith broke most things because by the time he'd finished cooking he was as pissed as a fart as more wine went in him than his beef stew.
At the back of the mag, the last set of the issue is Miriam Gaston who is correctly described as an exotic dancer. It is in fact Lacey Pleasure photographed by John Graham.
In closing there's also a great article on a new fangled device called a Jet Ski. Looks like they may catch on!
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Another first for Mayfair magazine this month with the first shots of Sharon Hawthorne, shot by Joanie Allum.
There's a typo in the editorial attached to the shoot where it says that John Allum approached Sharon when he met her in a photo-framing shop. It was actually Joanie, John's wife who spoke to Sharon.
Anyway, it really doesn't matter because whether John or Joanie took the shots you know that you're going to get every pose that you need including the white knicker clad bottom shot that was the 'menu du jour'. Posh eh?
Putting 'tits n bums' aside for the moment the motoring article in this months Mayfair for for the car marquee Bristol. Why you ask should that be of interest because my dad (RIP) was a Bristol man (actually in both departments now I come to think of it) and had a 404 and a 406.
The cars are hand built, sold from just one showroom in London and the bonnet is so long that the spare wheel is stowed behind the front wing! If you buy this issue take a look at the bottom pic on page 45; that's a 404.
Going back to the 'bits', Kay Griffiths is photographed by Leslie Turtle and she's wearing white satin with white hold ups. Superb.
To wrap the mag up for the month Ulf Stjernbo presents photos of Brigitte Barclay, who is another famous glamour model who made her nude debut with Mayfair which can be seen in Volume 24 Number 7.
PS: Forgot to mention the cover girl is Gaynor Goodman
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When brand new the cover price of this issue was £1.75 and I'd have given that for just the front cover which features Julia Guilda. Julia made several appearances in Mayfair and Men Only and eventually ended up behind the camera taking the shots.
In this issue she's been photographed by Joanie Allum who gets another centrefold credit to her name.
Exactly 12 months ago Kirsten Imrie the Page 3 girl made her modelling debut in Mayfair and this month she makes a welcome return.
For your pennies you also get Gina Wildes but the picture of the month award goes to Marilyn Lindsay. Marilyn has been shot by Donald Milne and on page 12, top left is a cracking image of her slightly side on looking back to the camera with her black stretch mini skirt pulled up to reveal the top of her pouting bottom.
To calm you down the motor section this month is the Citroen 2CV.
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When I'm cataloguing the mags I start flicking from the back pages toward the front. Ideally I'd like to start from the front and turn the pages one by one but time does not allow which is why you email me and tell me that I missed a pic of your favourite model on page 23 and a half advertising 'personal satisfiers'.
Anyway the back set model says Croeso-l-Cymru which fortunately translated by the model herself means Welcome to Wales and the model in question is Wendy Gill. What you may ask is Wendy doing in Mayfair; she won the Bangor (I would) Miss Wet T-Shirt competition and because of that you get to see 36 inches of chestal happiness.
You centre pages this month are Jeanine Ashton who I know you are more likely to know as Jenny Barnes but the photographer; Joanie Allum, assures me that Jeanine is the correct way to go.
This really is like the most common name wins or the most common colour wins on a bag of crisps. When I was a kid green was Cheese & Onion then Walker's came along and change it to blue. Sometimes you've just got to get over it!
As a matter of fact on the subject of crisps. What the fuck happened to Golden Wonder? How do you ever overthrow them?
Next up is a girl that you'll know from Parade magazine and its the ex Miss Denmark Trine Michelson. The blurb describes Trine as having made love to 1,000 men non of which include me. She looks great photographed by Basil Crawford Smith in white lace and there's a great shot, unfortunately small of her bending over with her panties rolled down just above the knee. You'll like that.
Now if you're still Uhm-ing & Arh-ing over whether you need this mag in your collection then my final temptation is Vicky Lee. The blurb names her as 22 year old Selina who tells us that she's very proud of her boobs. SO AM I LOVE.
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This month Mayfair have decided to punt its line of lingerie using the cover girl to model the maids outfit, more of whom can be seen in the 2 page ad inside. On page 16 the editorial explains that the sexy outfits offered for sale are provided by East of Eden in London.
As far as the girls go, you've got Samantha White in a satin polka dot blouse with a see through underskirt and Minnie Champ. Minnie is actually a nickname her real name is Ginny but in the UK there was a line of vehicle called a Minnie Champ so that's how that came about.
Mayfair has an enviable reputation of getting Page 3 girls to take off all their clothes and in this issue its pushed the boat out and provided two of them. Cindy Milo and Donna Ewin. Cindy was not only a regular in The Sun but also had tv credits including Mike Yarwood and Hale & Pace.
Donna's set is based around the line of PVC clothes that Mayfair are selling so you've got Donna in various bits and bobs of shiny black plastic. Just to get the message across Mayfair pushed her onto the centre pages too.
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Mayfair Vol 25 No 12

Natalie Banus

Mayfair Vol 25 No 12
Well another year comes to an end and issue 12 of Mayfair hits the newsagents shelves. Little did we know at the time when you were plonking this down on the counter that the Mayfair magazine title had been sold to Paul Raymond.
As always the last issue of the year is a meaty offering featuring Natalie Banus on the cover and she's inside as the model of the year which is hardly surprising considering her bodywork.
The contents page credits Nikki Downey as the photographer of the Natalie shots whereas in fact it was Leslie Turtle.
Kate Hewletson looks stunning in black lingerie, stockings and suspenders and Tara Bardot makes a welcome return to grace the pages. Tara was another first for Mayfair as back in Volume 24 No 5 the mag introduced Tara to its readers in her debut shoot.
Finally, your girl of the month is Sharon Hawthorne who last appeared in the August issue of this year. Sharon took the prestigious centre pages in August and repeats for this issue. Not bad going for your first two photo shoots.
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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products)