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Mayfair Volume 27

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Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 2 - February 1992 Well in last months issue Helen Goodwin made her debut appearance as ’The Girl Next Door’ and this month Joanie Allum grabs hold of her and elevates her to the centrefold shoot. That’s not bad going for the beginning of your glamour modelling career.
As is generally the case I’ve just gone to the back of the mag to start flicking through and after passing a shoot of Mel Bolton I came to the classified ads section and happened to notice that Lucy Gresty has an ad in there entitled ‘Lusty Lucy’. Basically she introduces herself as the glamour model from Razzle and is offering for sale a selection of vhs videos (remember them) with original sound.
Now I’ll tell you who’s a looker; Marilyn Peters and she’s got a set this month shot by Ralph Medland. Marilyn has the look of a gypsy temptress and Ralph has took full advantage of that with a cropped blouse and multi layered skirt.
On the cover this month is Tina Moore and she’s inside so that’s a bonus as here’s another girl with a body that has everything the right size and in the right place.
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Mayfair Vol 27 No 03

Melanie Bolton

Mayfair Vol 27 No 03
Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 3 - March 1992 One thing I am picking up on that’s different about the Fisk Mayfair and the Paul Raymond ones is that the girls tend to get a second showing more often. As an example this issue has sets of Marilyn Peters and Tina Moore both of whom appeared last month.
If you’ve got a couple of hours to kill then you could turn to page 53 and see if you can spot which pussy belongs to which model. The editor has run a page of pussy shots and is asking readers to write in to let him know which is preferred; shaven or bushy? From the 8 pictures I can identify 2 girls which is a bit shit really considering that I read this mag every day. Anyway I see Sharlene Woodsford and Debbie Jackson.
’The Girl Of The Month’ slot is taken by Mirrell looking fine virgin white dress and underneath powder blue lingerie and stockings.
Wrapping the month up with Keera Ashton in satin polka dot dressing gown in flora patterned knickers and bra tied to black stockings with a suspender belt.
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Mayfair Vol 27 No 04

Nicole Simmonds

Mayfair Vol 27 No 04
Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 4 - April 1992 Those of you who’ve ever read Parade magazine may remember the busty model Joanna Gee well this month on page 52 there’s an interesting article on Joanna renaming herself Taylor Wayne and jetting off to America to become a pornstar. Taylor looks nothing like Joanna giving you some idea of how much surgery she’s had to go through to make herself acceptable to the male porn punter in the USA.
Also on the same page there’s a small article called connections which includes Brandy the big titted girl who was in ’Bra Busters’ back in issue 14 of last year. In the article they’ve correctly called her Brandy but at the back of this issue she’s in a full photo shoot by Kay Ferris and they’ve called her Denise.
Now as it happens I have some licensed pictures of Brandy so here she is:

And if you recall when Brandy was the Bra Buster girl for the month I said that the editor had several options, one of which was Tracy West. Well stone me if Tracy isn’t the Bra Buster girl for this month.
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Mayfair Vol 27 No 05

Suzanne Brando

Mayfair Vol 27 No 05
Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 5 - May 1992 The editor of Mayfair obviously knows a good money earner when he sees one because Tiffany Towers is back again this time dressed in what looks like a blue chamois leather that’s seen better days.
The centre pages, that’s the premier position, goes to Laura Anthony. Joanie Allum is the photographer but I hope Joanie didn’t supply the editorial text because I’ve just skimmed through it and Laura wants to me all her old boyfriends and do naughty things with their todgers. Most un-lady like.
Your cover girl is Suzanne Brando and inside she’s dressed in black with sequins looking very sexy. Just before Suzanne’s set you’ve got Diana Van Laar and right at the back of the mag you’ve got a set of Tracy Coleman. So all in all your £1.95 would have been well spent this month.
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Mayfair Vol 27 No 08

Diana Van Laar

Mayfair Vol 27 No 08
Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 8 - August 1992 Well we’ve got a bag full of Mayfair glamour models for you this month including Lisa, Carla and Kirsty.
I’ll begin with Carla Fernandez because she must be one of the most sought after glamour models who appeared in magazines. Here she’s called April Stevens the pictures are by Terry Munns and the lingerie is floral with a white background.
Kirsty Keating again runs a floral theme in the underwear department and regular readers will know that Kirsty is one of my favourites.
Lisa Thorpe goes for all black in the undies department and this girl is a real stunner.
The centrefold goes to Page Three Girl Tracy Harper and the cover is Diana Van Laar but she’s not inside this issue.
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Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 9 - September 1992 If the girl from The Darling Bubs of May, Catherine Zeta Jones was your bag then this month Mayfair have some topless shots of her. She is of course better known now for being the wife of Michael Douglas.
Jo Guest dressed head to toe in scarlet red with a lace up basque looks inviting and ’Girl of The Month’ goes to Melanie Bolton and its about time too. Photographed by Ralph Medland what’s doing it for me is that Mel’s underwear is shocking pink in colour and it frames her tits perfectly.
There’s a nice little article about which game show hostesses have got their kit of in the past with some clothed unclothed images to set the scene.
Clare Summers lies back and thinks of England in white and judging by the feeling in my loins she’s doing a pretty good job of it.
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Mayfair Vol 27 No 10

Melanie Bolton

Mayfair Vol 27 No 10
Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 10 - October 1992 Just quickly! I told you that in last months issue Mel Bolton got Girl of the Month and that her underwear was a great colour. Well here on the cover you can see exactly what I was trying to tell you because this cover shot of Mel is taken from last months set.
Well that didn’t take long; did it? A couple of months ago Carla Fernandez came trotting along and this month she takes ’Girl of the Month’ in a photo session by Joanie that’s been sold across the globe. For the trivia lovers amongst you, Carla was discovered by Joanie in London.
Brigitte Barclay has a set this month but to be honest her ‘get up’ isn’t working. The bra is to baggy and doesn’t display her charms to her best advantage. Most unlike Mr Medland but he can’t get it right all the time.
And to shut the month down how about that classic favourite Emma Cesari looking like a librarian and there’s been no razor blades anywhere near her for months.
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Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 11 - November 1992 The cover girl Tina Moore is in this issue but before I get to her, Melanie Brown is also in the mag and I’ve got licenses to publish the set pix. Just so you understand, I would like to show you a lot more pictures for each issue of the magazine but my problem is that copyright law stops me from scanning the inside of the magazine. However, some times I’ve been lucky enough to buy a licence to publish and this set of Mel is one such occasion.

Sticking with the brunettes for a second Lucy Gresty and Nella Meredith both have a pictorial as does Suzanne Brando and Wendy Gill.
Closing where I started with the girl of the month being the cover girl and centrefold. Tina.
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Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 12 - December 1992 Okay let’s unwrap the Xmas edition of Mayfair and see what inside. The cover is a good starting point featuring Laura Anthony, who rightly so takes the girl of the month section and the centre pages to boot.
Next door to Laura is a right ‘pant creamer’ of a set with Tracy Coleman in a black stretch girdle with attached suspenders. In the first shot she’s bent over and all that material is stretched encasing the top half of her bum. Jesus that’s good.
Charmaine Sinclair shows us what a perfect set of tits should look like and not that I’m counting but Joanie Allum gets 3 of the photo credits this month along with the cover and centres.
A girl whose face you may recognise but name you may not, Sarah Gage. Lovely red hair and 36” D cups leave you lingering on her pages and then to cap it off Jo Guest and that my friends is all I have to tell you about Mayfair magazine from 1992. See you next year.
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Mayfair Vol 27 No 13

Tiffany Towers

Mayfair Vol 27 No 13
Mayfair Vol 27 Issue 13 - Special 1992 The first cover of this year, 1992, began with a Tiffany Towers shot and the last cover ends with her too. Inside Tiffany shows off that great cleavage and the set concentrates on her huge chest so there's not much in the pussy region.
The centrefold is the much loved Carla Fernandez photographed by Joanie Allum in floral pyjamas. Charlotte Trinder is as sexy as hell in glasses and a little check mini skirt which is so tight it can't help rolling up to reveal her sexy pussy.
Sammy Larkin has her debut shoot as the girl next door. Charmaine Sinclair in ivory lingerie and Nikki Dial in red. Nikki's waist is unbelievable her hips are wide and her waist just disappears.
Finally for the month you've got Mirrel who you may recall was a regular in Escort magazine.
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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products)