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Mayfair Volume 28

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Mayfair Vol 28 No 03

Natasha Lester

Mayfair Vol 28 No 03
Mayfair Vol 28 Issue 3 - March 1993 You may recall that Nikki Dial appeared on the front cover of issue 1 from this year and she’s starkers in this issue stripping out of, or down to, light pink undies.
There’s not many girls that spring to mind that you can describe with just one name and people recognise; Solange would be an example. Well our next model is Tabby and she’s another. My sources tell me that Tabby now manufactures a line of fetish wear.
Melanie Bolton does the generic secretary shoot and I thought I had this shoot in my photo file but can’t put my hand on it. When I find it I’ll post some sample photographs.
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Mayfair Vol 28 No 04

Maria Whittaker

Mayfair Vol 28 No 04
Mayfair Vol 28 Issue 4 - April 1993 There’s something about the colour shocking pink when its made up into lingerie and then encased upon the body of Nicole Simmonds that says; it works. Nicole has gone blonde for this shoot apart from on the body hair style which has remained dark. A nice contrast.
Joanie Allum puts Charlotte Trinder in a pair of French knickers and makes her frolic on a bed. There’s a classic allum pose with Charlotte lying on the bed with her legs crossed just touching the sheepskin floor rug. Take a look.
The last girl for the month I’m going to mention is Kirsten Imrie, although having said that there are 4 thumbnail sized pictures of Marie Whittaker so I’ll include those too.
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Sharlene Woodsford, Charlotte Trinder, Shanine Linton, Lisa Vickers, Lucy Gresty.
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Mayfair Vol 28 No 08

Wendy Roberts

Mayfair Vol 28 No 08
Wendy Roberts is the cover girl and centrefold this month and auburn hair beauty Juliet Dawson appears in a Joanie Allum set. Sharon Mackintosh has a set as does Claire Steers.
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Mayfair Vol 28 No 13

Diana Van Laar

Mayfair Vol 28 No 13
Diana Van Laar, Lana Cox.
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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)