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« Mayfair Vol 26 No 05

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 5 - May 1991 Bugger me I’ve fell for the three card trick again! Back of the mag, the last photo set is Dora Ward and she’s an absolute ringer for Kath Shannon so much so that I’ve databased Dora as Kath so that’s another set of corrections I’ve got to make. In fairness I’ve got to whip through the magazines when trying to identify which girls are inside so mistakes are bound to happen but fortunately considering how many mags I go through - few and far between.
The credit for the centre pages this month goes to Jack Harrison and his set of Laura Anthony.
Wendy Gill in over the knee boots and a blood red riding jacket flaunts it for the camera of Joanie Allum and Basil Brush (Sorry) Crawford-Smith persuades Kirsten Imrie to dress up as a secretary and then take down some notes along with her panties.
And finally we’ve got another set by Joanie this time its the blonde babe Donna Ives in powder pink and white wearing loose fitting french style knickers.

Kirsten Imrie

Mayfair Vol 26 No 05


Mayfair Vol 26 No 01

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 1 - January 1991 Take a look at this mag closely because little did you know back in Jan 91 that this was going to be the last time you saw a ‘perfect bound’ Mayfair for about 25 years. This is the end of the Fisk era for Mayfair as Ken Bound edits it for the final time and on page 16 he writes a personal goodbye and introduces the new owner as Paul Raymond.
The first girl to get the show on the road is Lisa Remzi photographed by Joanie Allum in a powder pink basque, stockings and suspenders. Lisa made her modelling debut in 1990 and has been a firm favourite with magazine collectors ever since.
Jane Botham is shot by Ulf Stjernbo using the same beach setting and clothes that he used to photograph Jo Guest and Kirsten Imrie.
Ginette Pike gets the Joanie Allum treatment which means she gets the ’Girl Of The Month’ slot and the centre page spread.
If you look back to MF Vol 24 No 4 you’ll see the cover girl is Annabel Stewart in that pink knitted dress. This month that set appears the dress being set off with white heels but no stockings.
And bringing this last Fisk Mayfair to a close I’ll give busty Louise Leeds a mention who releases her 42” of chest pleasure onto the page.

Timea Raba

Mayfair Vol 26 No 01
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 02

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 2 - February 1991 The Mayfair baton is passed from Great James St, WC1 to Archer St, W1 London and now resides in the same offices as Men Only, Club and Escort so the top shelf for this month would have looked like this.

Inside the cars, the planes and Quest all remain as do the girl including Kirsten Imrie a high profile Page 3 girl and looking stunning in white lace.
Laura McKewan takes the end slot in a shocking pink top and mini skirt with black panties underneath.

Mayfair Vol 26 No 02
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 03

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 3 - March 1991 Claire Summers is the cover girl for this 1991 issue of Mayfair and she takes the centrefold too which is some going because this is the first time that Claire had done any modelling!
The set was taken by Joanie Allum and proved so popular that a further series of images were run in the June issue of Mayfair from this same year, that's Mayfair Vol 26 No 6.
Joanie has another set of note in this issue and that is of Kate Hewletson who was photographed in pink lingerie with see through panties, pink stockings and black heels.

Claire Summers

Mayfair Vol 26 No 03
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 04

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 4 - April 1991 This month Basil Crawford Smith dressed Jane Botham as a solicitor type business woman in a black pencil skirt, white blouse, black stockings and heels and then designed the set around a train carriage. The set begins with two great upskirts to reveal black panties and then 2 shots from the back to reveal Jane's panty clad bottom.
Suzanne Brando in a pink basque and black stockings shot by Ralph Medland, takes the girl of the month prize and the centrefold.
Simone Hancock begins her set, shot by Joanie in a red dress which when removed reveals sexy black lingerie. Tina Holmes has a set too.

Mayfair Vol 26 No 04
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 06

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 6 - June 1991 Mayfair covers from this era went through a stage of featuring the 'Page 3' girls from the day. In this case the cover photo is of Katie Orgill who is inside but topless only.
There's also a classic set by Joanie Allum featuring Claire Summers who first appeared in Mayfair about 3 months ago. Joanie selected ivory/pink type lingerie for the shoot and as expected the images are priceless.

Mayfair Vol 26 No 06
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 08

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 8 - August 1991 This month sees another ’Page 3’ exclusive for Mayfair and this time its Gaynor Goodman who takes the cover and inside you've got various topless shots.
Joanie Allum has a set of Gilly Sampson in a white teddy with matching knickers and stockings.
Gina Wildes is shot by Matt Fisher and Nicole Simmonds in power blue by Geoff Howes.
The centrefold for the issue is a Kim Wetherby set by Joanie Allum with Kim in French Knickers.

Gaynor Goodman

Mayfair Vol 26 No 08
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 09

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 9 - September 1991 This month Mayfair get an exclusive with Page Three girl Lisa Bangert and her first appearance in ANY men’s magazine. They shipped Lisa off to Barbados for the shoot but even after all that expense they couldn’t get her to take her knickers off. See what I mean no idea how to treat a woman. Buy her a snowball; knobhead.
An angel appeared on Archer St in the guise of Nella Meredith. God this girl is drop dead gorgeous, there’s not one bit of her body that’s wrong. Shot by Ralph Medland in a chunky jumper and lace panties, its a brilliant set and the pink ankle socks help too.
A few months ago Laura Anthony did a set for Mayfair which claimed the centrefold. Well she’s only gone and done it again. This time Geoff Howes is the shutterbug and he’s got Laura stripping out of silk and a snazzy pair of embroidered stockings.
Joanne Berrisford is the ’Girl Next Door’ set shot by Kate Ferris the blurb tells us that Joanne is 20 years old and comes from Peterborough. She likes sunbathing nude and garden parties. Neither of which I’d be guessing you’d be able to do in Peterborough as like the rest of this country its constantly pissing down with rain.

Mayfair Vol 26 No 09
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 11

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 11 - November 1991 There's a cracking set this month of Tracy West photographed by Chris Lapin with Tracy in a loose fitting pink t-shirt and pink bikini bottoms made from lycra to perfectly encase her pussy mound.
Tracy was the cover girl for the October issue of this year and the editor was inundated with letters asking to see Tracy with her kit off... So here it is.
Page 3 girl Claire Louise is the cover girl for this issue and appears inside but as with most of the page 3 exclusives from this era the shots are topless only.
However, Kirsten Imrie isn't as shy and she does the full monty.

Mayfair Vol 26 No 11
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 12

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 12 - December 1991 Its a cracking month for girls in this issue of Mayfair. Tracy West in a white basque, Laura Anthony in tennis gear including white tennis knickers!
Cover girl Helen Labdon does a topless set that includes a calendar for November albeit from 1991. Melanie Bolton in dusky pink. Mirrel, Kayla Kleevage and the girl from the ’Lovers Guide’, Kathy Shannon.

Mayfair Vol 26 No 12
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Mayfair Vol 26 No 14

Mayfair Vol 26 Issue 14 - Special 2 1991 I’ll tell you what that must have been a hard decision this month. Under the section Bra Busters Mayfair have gone with a set by Ralph of Buxom Brandy who clearly fits the bill of bustin out of a bra. Brandy’s got a right set of cans and those stocking tops are rolling over at the top of her thighs. That’s a horny set.
However instead of Brandy for that section MF could have chosen Tracy West and she’s inside or they could even have plumped for Brigitte Barclay because she’s got a set too. Decisions, decisions.
STOP PRESS! Melanie Bolton has a set and she’s got big tits. This month it would seem that Mayfair is turning into Score magazine.
Coming back down with a more manageable size of boobs I can offer you Debbie Jackson in polka dot blouse and black stockings, so all in all you’ve got a terrific mag to end the year chock full of a lot of favourites.

Tracy West

Mayfair Vol 26 No 14
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