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Men Only volume 56 number 12 published by Paul Raymond for December 1991. The cover girl is Keera Ashton shot by Joanie Allum and appears inside over 10 pages including the centre spread. This is Men Only at the absolute top of its game edited by Nevile Player with photo sets by Joanie, Ralph Medland, Steve Colby, Jack Harrison and John Graham. Tied in with the photo sets the main formats are all well entrenched such as Brrm, Brrm , The Gotcha!, Yours Sinfully and the My Confession. This format worked well on both sides of the Atlantic with the American version of Club following a similar format - why change something that works? The tits are supplied by Maureen better known by her American dancing name of Platinum Peaks shot by John Graham, in a red jacket and blue one piece swimming costume with a zip front. It would be fair to say that nobody has ever shot big breasted ladies better than John Graham and if you like Score magazine then he's the guy who provided most of the sets for that magazine. Joanie Allum shot Keera Ashton as described and also the set of Brigette Barclay who is now famous as a UFO hunter.

Keera Ashton

Men Only Vol 56 No 12

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