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When I'm cataloguing the mags I start flicking from the back pages toward the front. Ideally I'd like to start from the front and turn the pages one by one but time does not allow which is why you email me and tell me that I missed a pic of your favourite model on page 23 and a half advertising 'personal satisfiers'.
Anyway the back set model says Croeso-l-Cymru which fortunately translated by the model herself means Welcome to Wales and the model in question is Wendy Gill. What you may ask is Wendy doing in Mayfair; she won the Bangor (I would) Miss Wet T-Shirt competition and because of that you get to see 36 inches of chestal happiness.
You centre pages this month are Jeanine Ashton who I know you are more likely to know as Jenny Barnes but the photographer; Joanie Allum, assures me that Jeanine is the correct way to go.
This really is like the most common name wins or the most common colour wins on a bag of crisps. When I was a kid green was Cheese & Onion then Walker's came along and change it to blue. Sometimes you've just got to get over it!
As a matter of fact on the subject of crisps. What the fuck happened to Golden Wonder? How do you ever overthrow them?
Next up is a girl that you'll know from Parade magazine and its the ex Miss Denmark Trine Michelson. The blurb describes Trine as having made love to 1,000 men non of which include me. She looks great photographed by Basil Crawford Smith in white lace and there's a great shot, unfortunately small of her bending over with her panties rolled down just above the knee. You'll like that.
Now if you're still Uhm-ing & Arh-ing over whether you need this mag in your collection then my final temptation is Vicky Lee. The blurb names her as 22 year old Selina who tells us that she's very proud of her boobs. SO AM I LOVE.

Mayfair Vol 25 No 10

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