Adult Fantasy Magazine - ISSN N/A

The basic premise of Adult Fantasy is that readers write in requesting their favourite glamour model and outlining how they wish the photo set to be designed. From there, the publishers would then arrange for that shoot to be taken and then publish the results.

The magazine was first published in 1984 with Zeta Ross as the editor and David Sullivan as the investigator reporter exploring the the seedy side of the Costa Del Sol. Of course David Sullivan was the publisher as Adult Fantasy was borne out of Parade magazine.

Later issues of the magazine changed very little from the original format with the first issue having sets of Karen Milffin, Donna Ambrose, Nike Clarke and editor Zeta. The job was to find the top models of the day and get their pictures inside the magazine.

One item that certainly helped the first few issues get sales was that Adult Fantasy printed the full Mary Millington autobiography and even though Mary was not a Page 3 girl she was still, 5 years after her death, one of the top reasons for blokes to buy an adult magazine.

The title ran various offshoots such as Adult Fantasy Flashers and Fantasy Wives but it would seem that the chances of it gaining a permanent place on the top shelf were a fantasy as the magazine died before its 100th issue.

Closing the biography of this magazine by saying that it never lasted does not really do it justice because if Page 3 girls were your bag then the chances are that Adult Fantasy actually worked for you. The problem was that Page 3 was in its height when Adult Fantasy was being published and as such the girls were all household names with just their tits out and therefore that’s really all Adult Fantasy had to offer. It would be many years later when Page 3 began to wane that you could see your favourites like Maria Whittaker and Sam Fox top to bottom but Adult Fantasy can at least be credited with getting the ball rolling.