Blonde Special 1992

Blonde Special 1992
Oops! When you turn the front cover, the magazine title would tend to be against the Trades Description Act as the first pics you see are ones of a Redhead, a Brunette and photographer John Mason, aka Johnny Rebel, who A, doesn’t have much hair at all and B, should be locked up for wearing only one fingerless glove in the style of Michael Jackson, although style is probably not the right word because he has none. What you will notice however is that the page that 'naturally' feels first, is not the opening shot of the magazine, so if you flick back you are rewarded with some great shots of Michelle Willings, so that is you're blonde and you get a bonus of big tits. The mag is related to Fiesta and as such you've got your wives, not all blonde but Beryl of Boxted, you look great and Sarah of The Sands, lose the hat love!
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