Big n Busty 1993

Big n Busty 1993
Well its obviously a big tit mag because the title gives that away but its not big tits in the American Score, Gent or D Cup way. Published by Galaxy, this Fotogirls Special features the American silicone big tit stars of the era along with the amateur feel in the editorial that identifies the mag as a relative of Fiesta and Knave. As ususal for Ross Gilfillan, all the models names have been changed from what you lovingly know them by and to be honest if he included a pic of Margaret Thatcher in one of his publications he’d change her name too! As an example in this issue Vicky Lee is called Rochelle, but in the first issue you bought in 1992 she was Tanya. Mr Gilfillan does not help when you are trying to build a database of which girls appear in which magazines, however, if you were in a police line up you could only wish that they picked him of the street to idenfity you. The editor has included some readers wives with big tits, as is always the way with Fiesta and for the anal retentive, who like me are trying to get a confirmed name for the models the mag does help by posting some Gordon Rondelle images which ID, Donna Langton, Sue Casey, Lisa Meridith and Sarah Stiles.
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